The sometimes brilliant, but often terrible horror movie adaptions based on the work of Stephen King.

This article has been split into two parts, the first is a look at the various Stephen King adaptions spanning from 1976 to 2012. The second is a list of my top ten King recommendations and a list of ten to avoid for future reference. So, if your just looking for a film to watch, […]


V/H/S is a horror anthology that has been themed around the handheld camera / found footage style of filmmaking. It comprises of five independent segments and a framing story. The framing story called ‘Tape 56’ follows a group of sadistic misfits committing petty crimes and generally causing havoc wherever they can find it; think a […]


Stitches is a low budget, Irish horror-comedy written and directed by new-comer Connor McMahon, and stars stand up comedian Ross Noble and The Sarah Jane Adventure’s Tommy Knight. Stitches the clown comes back from the dead to torment and kill a group of teenagers who accidentally caused his death years earlier. Comedians have a habit […]