No One Lives – 5.9/10


In No One Lives a young couple traveling across country run into trouble when they cross paths with a ruthless gang of killers who force them off the road and kidnap them. However, the gang soon realise that their latest victims are not what they seem.

Directed by Ryûhei Kitamura, who is known for making fast paced, over-the-top action-horrors which tend to be slightly trashy but fun to watch.

British actor Luke Evans is wonderfully dark and wicked in the lead role as the nameless driver. It’s fair to say the film owes its merits largely to his intriguing and captivating performance which dominates the first part of the film.

The motley crew of bad guys that make up the gang are where this film loses most of it’s points. The acting from the gang members is at best unintentionally hilarious, and at it’s worst, painfully forced and emotionless.
As all of Kitamura’s films, it moves forward quickly, which works well for the majority of the film. It doesn’t give you time to get bored or focus too much on it’s flaws. I felt it could have been slowed down a little in the mid section of the film to build up some suspense and tension, but that said, I don’t think most of the actors would have had the skill required to pull it off.

The overall production was solid. I liked the way the movie was shot, old school style angles and lighting techniques, it sort-of reminded me of Evil Dead, and I can’t fault the special effects.

It’s an odd movie. In places it feels like they had something…but they just didn’t do anything with it. I don’t think No One Lives will ever be anyones favorite horror movie, and in all likelihood it will quietly slip into the necropolis of long forgotten horror films.
However, if you find yourself still up at the early hours of the morning, and your brains in that surreal place where half of it is asleep but the other half is wired on junk food and take away, then this film might just be just the thing for you. I enjoyed No One Lives far more than I probably should have.

What do you think?

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