Stitches is a low budget, Irish horror-comedy written and directed by new-comer Connor McMahon, and stars stand up comedian Ross Noble and The Sarah Jane Adventure’s Tommy Knight. Stitches the clown comes back from the dead to torment and kill a group of teenagers who accidentally caused his death years earlier.

Comedians have a habit of throwing their own stand up comedy into their acting roles, which often feels unnatural and clumsy within the story. This doesn’t seem to be the case for British comedian Ross Noble, who sets his stand up persona to one side and puts every effort into becoming Stitches the clown and playing the role far straighter than expected. His costume and make up had potential to be a lot better, but overall Noble is surprisingly good and gives a solid performance dealing gruesome and unorthodox deaths to the hapless teenagers.

Stitches rehashes the plot from virtually every 80s and 90s slasher film without adding anything new or original. Most of the cast are making their acting debuts or stepping from TV to feature film, and in places their inexperience shows with most of the performances ranging from average to uneven and thin. Nevertheless, they are very likeable and it’s easy to find yourself rooting for them to win. The effects were a bit rough, with some questionable editing and rudimentary CGI, but they were clearly working to a low budget and are fairly creative within these limitations.

Unless you suffer with Coulrophobia, I suspect you won’t find Stitches particularly scary. That said, Stitches is easy, late night watching. It’s a whole lot of over-the-top gory fun with excessive fake blood and cheesy one liners, and sometimes that’s exactly what you want from a horror film.

Our Rating: 5.7 / 10

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