[REC]³ Genesis

[Rec]3 Genesis escapes the apartment building and follows the wedding of Clara and Koldo from the ceremony to their reception where, well, you know the drill, zombies attack.

Like its predecessors, [Rec]3 Genesis blends an unusual mixture of science and religion, however, it appears this time to veer even further from the archetypal ‘eat your brains’ zombie infection and finds its way somewhere between Paul the Apostle and the second coming of Christ.

What’s quickly apparent is that [Rec]3 Genesis seems to have moved away from the gloomy cramped tone of the first two movies, and dare I say, has chosen to explore its dark, comedic side. They’ve clearly tried to expand on and challenge the original story by giving it a softer human edge, in fact, [Rec]3 Genesis is strangely uplifting and touching in places. These are controversial and risky moves for director and writer, Paco Plaza, as they give up some of the tight wound tension and grit seen in the previous films.

Another more practical change is that after the first few scenes [Rec]3 Genesis abandons the shaky cam / found footage style that gave the franchise its name. This has given the film a more polished and clean look, with some shots looking nothing less than artistic, but again, this is taking a significant step away from the identity and concept of [Rec]1&2.

I suspect fans of the first two films will struggle to get on board with this addition. I would recommend to them that they try to see [Rec]3 Genesis as a light-hearted, playful cousin, rather than a direct sequel.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie, I thought it was quirky and fun, but it doesn’t really fit with the others films of the series. Yes, there are loose links in the plot, and the zombies are essentially the same beast, but the feel and texture of the film is completely different. Changes aside, its fundamental drawback, is that, unlike the first two films, [Rec]3 Genesis just isn’t very scary.

Our Rating: 5.9 / 10


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