Cabin In The Woods

A gang of ‘Scooby-doo-style’ teenagers plan to spend a weekend in an isolated cabin, and it’s not long before they find themselves trapped and fighting for survival against the living dead.

Cabin in the Woods is directed by Drew Goddard and written by Joss Whedon; the writing force behind Buffy, Dr. Horribles Sing-along-blog and the sci-fi masterpiece series, Firefly. It’s been a long time in the works, having been shot in 2009, but conflicts between Whedon, Goddard and the production companies regarding whether the film should be released in 3D or not, delayed its release until 2012. It’s not in 3D.

The story sets up quickly, sliding effortlessly into the deliberately clichéd plot that we all know and love, but soon unfolding into something more, as it masterfully walks the fine line between easy watching, and inventive twists and layers. Cabin in the Woods stands out because it is imaginative and original, traits that have been scarce in recent cinema. Whedon’s quirky story telling and attention to detail makes it an interesting and thrilling watch, with sharp and playful humour. Goddard has done an admirable job piecing together his directorial debut into a fantastic looking movie, combining a handsome cast and polished production quality with a film that feels fun and exciting throughout.

Just for good measure, Whedon and Goddard have thrown in some fun references to the horror genre, including nods at Evil Dead, Ringu, Hellraiser and Lovecraft, among others that diehard fans will enjoy.

There were a few plots points that weren’t explained or would have benefited from being explored further, but these are only minor shortcomings. Towards the climax the CGI was shoddy and somewhat unnecessary, which is a shame as the rest of the special effects and make-up were superb.

Overall, don’t expect to the take the film too seriously and you will be entertained.

Our Rating: 7.1 / 10


  1. I wasn’t overly impressed with the coming attractions I had seen so far. It starts off like an Evil Dead copy, then I see people watching the ‘cabin vacationers’ on sceens as they scream thier bloody heads off. Not sure if i’m into the whole voyeur-horror genre.

    • I delibrately didn’t read any reviews before I went to see this. But now reading through them, the feedback is very mixed. It seems the majority of people really enjoyed it and have given it very positive reviews. But there is a smaller group that didn’t just dislike it, but actually hated it passionately. So It could go either way for ya!

  2. I gave this film a lot of praise as its the shot in the arm the horror franchise needs. I’m tempted to say the crappy CGI might have a lot to do with this film sitting on a shelf for the last year and being tampered with for a failed 3D conversion…that’s all I got. Either way I loved it. Great review!

  3. Your review of it makes me want to see it. You scored it above 5 which usually means I will like it. Anything you score/ rate under 5 that I haven’t seen, I don’t watch. Your taste in movies is admirable and very accurate.

      • Ah, the giant snake! I was talking about that the other day with a friend. We were trying to think about how they could have made a giant snake look good amidst all the other CGI. And I was thinking, how would a giant snake really look in real life anyway? I mean, it would probably look pretty unreal, would it? (But I know what you mean… I so miss the good ole days of stop motion animation!)

  4. hey bud, great review, but i still find it to be a refreshing change of pace in comparison to the stale repetitive crap we’re costantly subjected too, Keep me posted=)

  5. Great post, and I’m glad you liked it! I personally think it doesn’t look that good….which no doubt puts me in the minority here, but I don’t plan on paying to see it in theaters.
    “I’ll wait for video” (Randy in Scream 2 had a point here…) 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed your review too and thanks for the “like”. I didn’t know the release had been delayed, which explains why Hemsworth looks like he did in “Star Trek” rather than as “Thor”. Great review!

  7. I thought the effects, including the CGI, were… cute. I mean, I don’t think they were supposed to look A+ material. At times they looked downright cheap which was why it reminded me of a finale for a TV show. Like “Angel,” for example.

  8. Hi CWTAB.
    Just got back to the internets and saw your like on my list.
    You run an awesome a** site here.
    I love horror films. In fact it might be what we do next. I wrote one and and heist so we’ll see how things go after THE LAST GIRL.

    Keep up the awesome work.

    I loved Cabin in the Woods. I read the interview on AICN but I don’t see how a sequel would work. With it being the end of the world and all…

    I wonder who was on the upstairs red phone.

  9. Honestly it was too predictable for me, I knew exactly what was gonna happen EVERY TIME and it took the thrill out of it for me..then at the end I thought it got kinda silly. (as far as when the creatures were released) Whedon’s good at what he just seemed like it was an already played out idea with filmmakers like Craven introducing the cameras in the fourth Scream and then with Behind the Mask’s take on the explanations, mixed with the Thirteen Ghosts house. I just felt it could have been better. Than hey whats up with Weaver making cameos left and right in movies lately? an already fan of the genre I felt the explanation of each “type” of person needing to be sacrificed was a almost insulting as though Scream and SEVERAL other movies have not notated this repeated and a bit excessively. Truth being, if you see enough movies they can all be a bit predictable at times. But there’s also a point to where it just sucks the fun out of trying to enjoy it.

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