Hostel 3

December 29, 2011 — 13 Comments

Four friends go to Las Vegas for a stag weekend, where they meet two beautiful escorts who invite them to a private club off the main Las Vegas Strip. Once there, the group finds themselves tangled in a perverse game of revenge and torture.

Hostel 3 is the first film in the series not to be directed by Eli Roth. Scott Spiegel, who produced first two Hostel films (and once upon a time was the assistant writer for a little known film called Evil Dead 2), has taken the director’s chair in this straight to DVD sequel.

Hostel 3 opens with a surprisingly gripping and unpredictable scene which nicely sets the tone and pace for the rest of the film to follow. Unfortunately, Hostel 2 peaked at high school, from here on out the best bits are over.

For a torture porn film, the gore is a bit tame, probably due to budget restraints, but coupled with relatively mild sex scenes and the odd topless girls running around, you can’t help but wonder if this film warranted its 18 certificate. The dialogue is primitive drivel, and the ending is simply ridiculous. The overall production quality is better than most straight to DVD movies, and it draws on some interesting camera techniques, which are set to good use misdirecting the audience. However, Hostel 3 feels soft and glossy, lacking the gritty, isolated atmosphere of the first two movies.

In fact, except maybe in the first scene, Hostel 3 doesn’t appear to contain a hostel. The film doesn’t even follow on from the little plot its predecessors had. Overall, it feels as it has been hastily thrown together and given the ‘Hostel’ label to make some easy money out of a film that would otherwise, be largely ignored.

Our Rating: 4.2 / 10


13 responses to Hostel 3


    Agreed, love the line: “Unfortunately, Hostel 2 peaked at high school”


    Hahaha. Brilliant. “For a torture porn film, the gore is a bit tame, probably due to budget restraints, but coupled with relatively mild sex scenes and the odd topless girls running around, you can’t help but wonder if this film warranted its 18 certificate.”

    So should I watch it for the sake of completing the franchise?


    This movie was totally thrown together, a lot of it was filmed in eastern washington which looks nothing like Las Vegas. Im assuming Eli Roth sold the name because he was strapped for cash.


    I have added 4 films to my netflix account after reading your reviews!… Although they don’t include hostel 3 – I can’t believe this got another sequel!


    That is really unfortunate! I liked the first Hostel, the second was weak and you would have thought it would have been a lesson learned. The third should have brought things back around and fixed mistakes from Hostel 2. Why am I preaching to the choir, you all know that. Thank you for the post, looks like I will save a couple bucks and move on to the next movie on my list.


    You know what would have been a great? If Hostel 3 was about what happened to Beth (Lauren German). In Hostel 2, she went into the torture room as a victim and emerged as a member of Elite Hunting. Would she try to put the experience behind her and return to a normal life… or perhaps the experience has left her with a taste for inflicting pain…


    Nice review. I didn’t even know there was a third Hostel until I saw it at Redbox the other day. What a waste.


    I had no idea there was a third, even if it sounds absolutely dreadful. Very useful review, I know not to bother – they really snuck this out under the radar, didn’t they. Or I need to spend more time on, so thanks for watching and reviewing this!


    IMHO it was a mistake making one sequel to Hostel, let alone a second. The satire of the first was lost in the second and it just became about violence for violence sake.

    WordsFallFromMyEyes February 2, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    I really appreciated to read this. I have wondered about seeing Hostel at all – but have never heard of III. When I go to the video store it’s so hard to see SOMETHING NEW. It’s great to get a review.


    Another hollywood sequel, money machine, run of the mill, lets cash in and ruin the franchaise release. Say NO, to lame horror movie sequels!!

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