Dylan Dog : Dead of Night

Supernatural private investigator Dylan Dog, played Brandon Routh (Superman Returns 2006), keeps the communities of monsters and living dead of the Louisiana Bayou in order.

Dylan dog is a massively popular, Italian comic book series that started in 1986 and is still continuing today. Fans of the comic series that haven’t seen this movie should be aware that it wonders significantly from the original story. Tiziano Sclavi, who wrote the comic book series, would be better known to most horror movie fans as the writer of the cult zombie-art movie, Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man).

Firstly, it’s worth keeping in mind that this film has clearly been aimed at a young teenage audience, possibly not the best decision as most of its diehard fans would have been teenagers themselves in the late eighties and early nineties. That aside, for today’s younger teenagers or families this will be a terrifically fun and entertaining film. For the rest of us that have been fooled into thinking this would be a dark and stylish horror movie adaption, I’m afraid theres bad news.

The story does play like a comic book, however, this doesn’t work to its advantage, its moves from scene too scene without any fluidity. Brandon Routh is far to clean cut and wholesome to play the role of the grizzled detective, and although his acting is certainly not bad, there is not a wide range of emotions shown by him, or any of the characters, making them seem rather bland.

Dylan Dog has a made for TV movie feel, and you can’t help but think, this would have been a much better TV series. Overall, It missing its teeth and lacks some much needed adult humor. Think Buffy without the clever banter or a softer, cuddly version of Constantine.  Not a terrible movie, but it will be easily forgotten.

Our Rating 5.4 / 10


  1. Your ratings are always so honest – you’re reliable that way. But I CAN’T BELIEVE how many films you watch!!!

    Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Oh boy. Your site is like my home. Seen most of these movies. This one was pretty good I would say. Bloohmoon is following u for sure. Check my movie page if u haven’t already. About to watch Helldriver.

  3. I liked it more than you. I put it in the Hellboy category. The humor was interesting. The only thing it lacked was Brandon Routh just doesn’t seem to fit the character and that universe.

    If you liked the movie I would check out the original Italian comic books which is it based. Dark Horse released them in English under their Bonelli banner.

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