Set in a drive in theatre on its last night before closing, the audience park their cars in front of a grainy projection screen and tune their radios into the short wave audio, preparing for a movie marathon of rare, low budget horror films. This B movie anthology includes four mini features; Wadzilla, I was a Teenage Werebear, The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein and Zom-B-movie.

Chillerama combines deliberately cheap special effects, purposely tongue in cheeky, distasteful dialogue, a range of film styles, busty women in clothes clearly two sizes to small and Ray Wise. An explicit, gory movie, purposely paying homage to all the bad taste, B horror movies of the past and giving the viewer a visual tour of the genre spanning decades. On paper, this intriguing and exciting movie promises a lot, there has been much anticipation and marketing for Chillerama, including a successful roadshow tour of America.

Its easy to see what  Chillerama has  tried to achieve, and people involved obviously had a lot of fun making it. Sadly, what they’ve given us is a clumsy, dreary movie that plods along. There is a lot in this film, from black and white nazi’s that have stepped right out of the DPP index to musical numbers and gay interest, but it feels as they’ve gone for quantity over quality, cramping in too many ideas without really exploring them. The whole thing just doesn’t glue well. That said, I did laugh a few times and the zombie subplot that fills between the mini features is slightly more entertaining, which ultimately leads onto the fourth and probably the strongest of the mimi features,  Zom-B-Movie.

Overall A disappointing collection of shorts, that I suspect for most, will be difficult to sit through.

Our Rating: 3.9 / 10


9 thoughts on “Chillerama

  1. I was stoked when I first heard of this but after reading bad review after bad review I’m not so sure anymore. The idea seems to be a sweet one, but I guess Adam Green & co. failed on this one?

    1. Yeah, I think he missed the mark here, although he only directed ‘Diary of Anne Frankenstein’, which wasn’t too bad. I think I was over excited about this movie after watching the trailers and all the promo, I suspect I had set my expectations a little high.
      I stand by my review though.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. “Funny”, or that is at least what people start out saying to me when they are hesitant to associate themselves with me. (I usually cut them off at the pass early-on in their quest).

    Funny, it would take a Horror Film expert to understand my new theory!

    I submitted it to the Richard Dawkins Foundation about 2 weeks ago, but they wouldn’t post it.

    The last disturbing film I saw that really freaked me out was Blair Witch Project. Guess, I need to follow your blog more! I was living in NYC and saw it after it was out for awhile. I was alone in the theater except for 3 other people who came in after the lights when out. Yikes! It was very disturbing basically being alone in a big theater in the city watching this wacked out movie/doc.

    Again, thanks for reading. I think you are the only one who did or has. I’m pretty sure I nailed it. Time will tell, and someone else I’m sure will take credit for it.


  3. Have to be honest, totally dug all the grindhouse/old school horror fun except for “I Was A Teenage Werebear.” It got to the point where Chillerama was being screened without Tim Sullivan’s agonizingly bad attempt at political/moral horror. All other segments exploited exactly what each director set out to, but Werebear killed any hopes at a coherent horror compilation. My rating hovered around a 5.5/10, only because Werebear was such garbage. I would love to watch some talented horror minds (Green is a Hofstra University alum like me, gotta represent) attempt at a horror mini-show minus Sullivan and re-rate. I’ve never seen a segment like Werebear derail a final product so horrifically….

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