November 19, 2011 — 2 Comments

Two good-guy zombies, played Ross Kidder and Michael McKiddy set out on a road trip to find, a very much alive, high school sweetheart in this horror / comedy, bromance by The Pierce Brothers. It comes as no surprise that the two brothers father worked on the set of the original Evil Dead as a photographic FX artist. The result, Deadheads has a deliberate, heavy influence from The Evil Dead and it even features clips of movie. Deadheads has a real 80’s flavor, the relationship between the Kidder and McKiddy’s reanimated zombie characters is comparable to common 80’s duos, seen in cults classics such as Weird Science and Ferris Buellers Day Off.

The credits at the beginning of the film have great artwork and an almost soft grindhouse look, it builds a feeling of excited expectancy  right from the go. Kidder and Mckiddy are faultless,  and joined by a superb performance from Thomas Galasso, whose role is a clear reincarnated Ben from Night of the Living Dead. The movie dips in places and has a few evident plot holes, although, these are brief and soon forgotten as the action picks up again. The film starts much stronger than it finishes, but the ending is certainly not bad. At times, the dialogue and acting walks a fine line between amusing, tongue in cheek humour and cheap jokes but pulls it off well.

Deadheads provides strong laughs, plenty of gore and in places, is both moving and surprisingly thought provoking. You can almost feel the love that has been put into making this low budget film, and it is easy to overlook its few short comings. Any horror fans that grew up through the 80’s will no doubt have a nostalgia fueled, soft spot for Deadheads, but its not exclusively for them. Overall, its a well made film, that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and delivers a lot of fun.

Our Rating: 6.9 / 10


2 responses to Deadheads


    Man, gotta look for this movie. Sounds awesome. Good post. I don’t think anyone would ever consider Evil Dead a “great” cinematic feat but the execution was amazing. If this pulls it off too, it has to be good!


      Ha! Your kidding right? 😛 Generally, The Evil Dead 1 & 2 are considered to be outstanding cult horror films. I challenge you to find a ‘Top 100 horror movies’ list, written by anyone, which doesn’t include both of them.

      Ofcourse, YOU may not feel they are “great cinematic feats”, and I can see why they wouldn’t suit everyone, especially today. However, I feel you can not apply that generally to “anyone”, that seems contradictory to both common public and critical views.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

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