Kill Keith

October 19, 2011 — 3 Comments

The Crack of Dawn is a successful morning television program presented by Cliff (David Easter) and Dawn (Susannah Fielding). Cliff is leaving the show and the celebrities short listed as his replacement, begin to be picked off one by one in grim, breakfast cereal related murders. Danny (Marc Pickering) is a studio runner working on the set of the show, who gets caught up in the mayhem while attempting to pursue his own dreams of being a presenter and his crush on Dawn.

The film is the directorial debut from Andy Thompson. It isn’t a big budget blockbuster, and its creators are well aware of this, they don’t try to push the film beyond its financial limits and the result is a crisp, well polished production.

Kill Keith is a horror comedy, and besides a few cheap, cringe worthy jokes, the humour is lighthearted and clever. The facetious, cheesy dialogue walks a thin line but is delivered flawlessly by the main cast. The celebrities in the film, which are well known UK presenters, including Joe Pasquale, Russell Grant, Tony Blackburn and of course, Keith Chegwin, all gave surprisingly good performances and played their parts for free. Watch out for Brian ‘The Vampire’ Stokes (Stephen Chance) who is brilliantly funny throughout the film.

This movie isn’t going to be for everyone. The scripting around Tony Blackburn’s alter ego is not as strong and doesn’t have the witty edge of the other characters. Also, at times, it drags slightly, it’s easy to forget that people are getting killed due to the heavy focus on the romantic comedy between Danny and Dawn.  However, overall the film is an enjoyable watch, and its fun.

Kill Keith is getting a limited UK release in theaters on 11th November 2011.

Our Rating: 6.9 / 10


3 responses to Kill Keith

    wordsfallfrommyeyes November 28, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    A limited UK release? This sounds hilarious! I love the cover of the video – it’s so great 🙂 This is a great review, but you cause ache when you review things there’s just no chance I can see!

    wordsfallfrommyeyes November 28, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    Hey do you ever review Aussie films? There’s one called ‘Red Dog’. It’s a true story of a legend of a dog in the outback of Australia. His master died, and he went about hitchhiking – yes, hitchhiking, with whoever he could, going from town to town. Towns got to know him, and people of towns adopted him for a while before he moved on. What he did was sit in the middle of the road and travellers in the desert like hot steamy outback would pull up, beep their horn, ‘Come on dog, outta the way’ – and then they’d get out of the car to move it (almost always leaving their door open) – he’d run up and jump in their car. Mostly people took him because there was obviously nowhere else he could belong to.

    Anyway, legend and true as it is, it was a disappointment as a film. This is a shame. My son said “Why does America have everything better than us – movies, wrestling”. I said they have a way bigger movie budget. The problem with the film (to me) was they used “typical” Australians, the iconic sort, and they just looked a bit stupid. So with a character set of stupid people, didn’t come off too well. The dog was great!

    You didn’t actually ask for all that, but I literally saw it last weekend, and since you do obscure movies from countries I can’t get a hold of the release of, I wondered if you ever do any Aussie films. If you wanted to do a GOOD Aussie film, do WOLF CREEK. It’s another true story, a bit grisly though.

    Oh, btw, I dropped in to say thank you for subscribing. I am sincerely honoured. I’m actually writing a book, a true account of the early years of my son’s life and events which occurred, confronting events, and I want to share the story with hopes to inspire. So, sincere thanks.


      Thanks! That’s so weird – I watched Red Dog two nights ago. I didn’t mind it. However, for the purposes of this site I only review horror movies (Including Australian ones!). I like to boost that I have seen all of them, recently I have began suspecting that it might be true! ha! 🙂 Your book sounds great – how far through are you? Word count? No thanks needed, I didn’t subscribed due to some wordpress etiquette, I read some your posts and liked them, simple as that.

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