The Woman

September 13, 2011 — 1 Comment

When Chris Cleek, played by Sean Bridgers, goes on a hunting trip in the forest near his secluded family home he discovers the last remaining member of a primitive, savage clan. We’ve all been there. So, he does the only sensible thing, he tracks her down, throws a net over her, clubs her with his shotgun a few times and chains her up in his basement.

The exploitation of the captured women is a softer than expected and often over-shadowed by the chilling, male lead’s perverse and sadistic control over the women in his life. Angela Bettis plays the damaged and obedient wife, her brilliant performance being joined by that of Pollyanna McIntosh as ‘The Woman.’

The alternative pop soundtrack is an odd choice, notably out of place with clumsy timing throughout the movie. It feels more like someones personal playlist awkwardly being forced to fit the story.

Overall, the film is well made, with solid acting and dialogue. The pace seems unnecessarily slow, failing to spend the time effectively building tension or atmosphere. However, this is replaced by admirable attention to character development.

Directed by Lucky McGee, the guy that brought us the masterpiece ‘May’ in 2002, and written by Jack Ketchum, ‘The Woman’ doesn’t do justice to their combined creative talent. The films release is being accompanied by the release of the novel, a sequel to Ketchum’s previous gruesome novels; ‘Off Season’ and ‘Off Spring,’ both featuring ‘The Woman’ as a surviving character. There was also a low budget film adaptation of ‘Offseason’ in 2009, which is worth missing.

In cinema’s 30th September 2011 (Limited Release).

Our Rating: 6.6 / 10


One response to The Woman


    I definitely want to see this one, Jack Ketchum is pretty gnarly!
    Great post 🙂

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